Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jugendstil themed fabric book

 I have finally finished my fiberbook from the swap back in 2010. The pages I received are all beautiful. I'm very happy with each and every one of them. 
My theme is Jugendstil, also called Art Nouveau, New Style or slaoliestijl. 
I made the frontpage from one of my hand dyed fabrics, onto which I   screen printed, ironed on a pattern that I painted in and then I copied and colored the lettering.

 It has become a nice chunky book.
I keep picking it up to look through.
 Here's the last page of the book.
I've written down the names and countries of the received pages. It's so nice to have and own all of this artwork from all over the world.
Here are two views from inside the book.
Random choice, because they all are lovely.

A big thank you to all who've participated. 
I hope you have equally beautiful books.