Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sea has arrived!

Now, isn't this delightful. I was thrilled to receive a package through my letterbox this morning from Liz. This is my June page - a little late, but it was well worth waiting for...........

All those lovely details.

I just love the beaded blue coral. The textures are just gorgeous.

Just look at the stitching on the seahorse. It looks like there are such stories he, or she could tell of adventures amidst the coral.

The fabric for the back of the page itself just could not have been more perfect.

And the letter from Liz, tells of the techniques she has used.
Oh Liz, I do agree about being near the sea. It is a magical place, with all the smells and sounds. I live right in the centre of Cheshire, a county almost in the heart of the UK. But you are right, a journey time of around an hour and a half will bring me to the coast. I am so fortunate.
Thanks so much for my page. I look forward to day when I can put all my lovely pages together and make them into a book. I intend to exhibit the book when it has been made, but do not know where, or when, just yet.


  1. Wow! What a lot of stitching. Mandy - I think we should discuss the exhibiting of the books. I was thinking it would be interesting to send the idea into either Quilting Arts or Cloth Paper Scissors and see if they would be interested in photos for their magazines. But a traveling exhibit of all the books would be great as well.

  2. Mandy, I'm so glad you like the page. Now that I have not seen it every day for awhile, I have to admit it is rather pretty! Thank you for the compliments.

  3. Just wonderful! I can sit and study this one for a long time!


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