Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mandy's Ocean Page

I have just gotten word from Mandy that she has received the Under Sea page that I created for her for the month of July. She is having some computer problems so I am going to post the pictures that I took of the page and give youa few how too's. If anyone has ny questions you can always give me a holler!!
To create the blue sea background, I simply fused scraps of various blue fabrics down onto a piece of muslin and then did some swirling FME in wave shapes all over the piece. FOr the sandy bottom I used a wonderful scrap of some gorgeous textured raw silk and then went to it with ribbons and beads and shells.
As for the shells, I used ones that I have collected form our New England beaches. The purple bits on the far left and again on the right up near the top of the sand are tumbled bits of a clam called a Quahog. I found these bits complete with holes already waiting for me, thanks to sea critters. This shell is very dense and to drill a hole one needs a very specailized diamond drill, so I am always thrilled to find the bits with holes at the ready. Ususally other collectors want the "PERFECT" pieces and discard the holey ones_ Fine with me!!!

For the seaweed I used various embroidery stitches as well as a used drier sheet that I painted with metallic olive green paint. I then fussy cut a branched form out of the sheet and then used a green thread to sitch down the center of each branch.

In this picture you can see a small yellow snail shell that is part of a collection that I gathered from a beach in Maine when I was 4 years old (that was in the early 1960's). There to the right of it is a small white clam and to the left a yellow jingle shell. I was able to drill holes into all of these so I could stitch them down safely.
I always love working on collage pieces such as this and find that my biggest problem is knowing when to stop!!!!
I am so glad that you like the page Mandy!!! Now I am off to work on my Leaves Page !!
Happy Fall to all!! Happy Spring to Johanna!!!


  1. What a wonderful page! Love the details and thanks for explanations.

  2. This is a lovely page.I really enjoy seeing all the pages that you all make!!!Inspiring.

  3. Love the wealth of detail.Can't wait to see what you'll do with the Leaves page :)

  4. I love it!! I too collect but then can never think how to use things so well in pieces. This is great and I love the history of the shells-going back to being 4yrs old! Isn't it amazing how well we remember tiny details like that.

  5. Yes, the page is really beautiful. The detail is amazing and it is nice to hear how pieces on the page were made. Thanks so much Elizabeth.

  6. It was so nice to read how you created this project. I just love it too!! I am a reef embroidery freak so I enjoy seeing and reading other peoples work on this theme. The piece itself is beautiful, and you have added some lovely memories to it.

  7. THank you all so very much for your kind words! You are making me blush!!!


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