Friday, September 17, 2010

Proud as a Peacock

An American expression for a joyful pride is to be "proud as a peacock." I don't know if this phrase is international or not, but I am "proud as a peacock" to be the new owner of this delightful page made by Maya.
She tells me that the peacock is the national bird of India. In Maya's words, " The peacock is all embroidery, sequins and oil pastels. The tree is where I tried out something new to me. I imagine the tree is a flowering tree something like the Flame of the Forest which has large orange blossoms. For the leaves I cut out pieces from a plastic snack packet and for the flowers I used nail polish and some embroidery."
What a wonderful page! Thank you so much Maya. I will treasure it.


  1. Oh my!!This is gorgeous!!!bet you had a lovely surprise opening your parcel to reveal this beauty!

  2. I'm happy to know you've received the page and glad that its going to be a treasured addition to your book Gayle.

  3. MAya !! What a STUNNING page!!! All of the details are amazing and I love the way you did the tree. The peacock is just plain spectacular!!!!

  4. Maya, what a wonderful interpretation. I love the plastic and nail polish!! How original and what a great result.


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