Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gayle's page for September

Gayle, at last your creature has been captured and secured into an envelope and will be posted tomorrow! Sorry for the delay, I'm having a problem catching up as my husband keeps getting admitted into hospital!! All OK with him but we live a distance away and it all takes from embroidery time. I tried to find a picture online of the inspiration but can't; I found a lovely book which has designs from old Greek embroideries so you have a Greek cockerel from a bridal cushion of Ioannina, a town in northern Greece, which has been converted into cross stitch by a very talented lady, The book was produced by the Benaki museum, Athens - if ever you get to Athens, don't miss this place!! Hope you enjoy my interpretation of her interpretation!

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  1. Wow! I can hardly wait for this page to come! And Kath, don't be a bit concerned about the timing. I wasn't concerned at all. Hope your hubby does well, and that life can settle down for both of you.


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