Monday, December 27, 2010

Check in

Hello ladies I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.
I have been going through my pages and it seems I am still awaiting a few. Can I ask please Elizabeth and Cobi if you have sent any pages out up to Christmas. Also it seems I can not trace a page from debi, I have mailed her seperately as well. I tried trawling through the messages but there are just too many.


  1. Juliette, does this mean you received my page? The second one should have reached you earlier this month.

  2. Julliette!! My page for you is woefully late and I do appologize!!! I ahve been sick and then witht he holidays and entertaining and cleaning and gifting the sick ahs returned. Your page will be on it's way to you by the end of this week!!! I am loving how it is coming along and I hope that you will like it as well!!!

  3. I still have to make your page. I'm working hard on catching up. It will be January when I get to yours. I'm very sorry.


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