Sunday, December 12, 2010

I love mail day!

So, I go to my mail box this morning expecting it to be empty as per usual.  It isn't.  Not one, but two envelopes are inside.  One from Crete and one from India.  So thank you Maya and Kath.

This page is from Kath.  Thank you so much Kath, it's lovely.  I studied Crete in Ancient History in high school, and it is one place that I would love to visit in the future, so to learn more about it in your letter was wonderful.  Leo is an interesting star sign.  Mine is Taurus, the bull.  The bull is also associated with Crete in the form of the Minotaur.  It is interesting to note that the planet that is associated with Taurus is Venus, named after the Goddess of Love.  So us Taureans have two opposing forces within us, the bull which is very masculine, and the Goddess Venus, which is very feminine.  And people wonder why I'm confused!  lol.

Maya's page is based on the goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth.  She is represented by footsteps leading into the home.  I love some of the festivals to the Gods and Goddesses of India.  They are always so colourful.  Just as I love Indian textiles, they are also so very colourful.  (I also love Indian food!)  Maya has done a traditional design of footsteps in traditional embroidery for me.  I love it so much.  Thank you very much.

I am really enjoying this project this year.  It has been a real challenge to work to some of the themes.  I think I have the hardest one left till last.  But I already have ideas.

Here's hoping that everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas.


  1. Those are both wonderful pages!

  2. That was quick. I'm so glad you like the page.

  3. Two wonderful pages. My next theme (January) is Goddess within and I am already thinking about it. It is very interesting. It is difficult but I like it.


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