Friday, April 22, 2011

Finishing etc.

Hi everyone, did we ever get any comeback from the late senders? Cobi had promised me my page for this group and a second group we're both in, but haven't received. I've been away so want to check up as our post goes to the village kafeneo and I suppose could get lost. I've made my book so that pages can be attached.
Re the proposed magazine article, I did send in some pics of my book but wonder if more or better are needed?
Thanks to all for this wonderful group.


  1. Kath - as far as I know Cobi is finishing her pages and you will get your page. Maya, Liz and I are working on the article proposal and we'll get back with you about photos. We will need to send 3 photos with the article proposal.

  2. Thanks Ruth, Happy Easter to all


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