Friday, October 30, 2009


Hello.....this is Maya or Embellisher. I'm in my early forties and I live with my husband in Bangalore, a city which has been transformed from a pensioners paradise to the Silicon Valley of India. The transformation continues unabated, its chaotic and dynamic but I thrive on it.
I'm a textile designer by training and qualification and I've worked in the craft sector and I get called in to teach basic design and colour at a Fashion Institute from time to time.I also embroider and make silk scarves.
My interest lies in embroidery, knitting, crochet, patchwork and weaving but I do indulge in bead work- no training just following tutorials on the net, dyeing - I love shibori
I've only made one fiber book ever and it was completed just last week. I'm simply ecstatic.

I try to live my life with the above saying as my mantra. (page for July in the Take it Further Fiber book)
I like cross stitch and beads and sequins. ( page for May in The Take it Further Fiber book)

Journaling is something I do too. Interesting labels, ticket stubs, stickers on fruit, and feathers find their way into my journals and diaries. You'll find leaves and flowers between pages of my books. Before the advent of fiber books it was paper and journals but i must say fiber books are fantastic and I'm so glad that in following my bliss the exploration of this format and medium is going to be furthered. This book of The traveling Pages is going to be very special.
My chosen theme is leaves. Shapes, colours, medicinal properties, myths/legends etc about leaves are all welcome. I have no preferences or dislikes of what should or shouldn't be on the page you create for me.
Have a good weekend tricking or treating. Halloween is in India too, that's globalisation for you.


  1. Maya - love the quote. It is a good thing to live by. Your first book looks wonderful. I love leaves, so your theme will be such fun for me.

  2. Wonderful to meet you Maya!! Your work is wonderful !! Can't quite get my head around HAlloween being in Indai amidst all of the Hindu!! Must be quite a scene to behold!!!


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