Friday, October 30, 2009


Hello to everyone my name is Juliette I am 62 and I live in the North East of England on the Coast, so my book will be about the seashore which i love. I have lived alone for almost 20 years now and have learned to enjoy my own company. I have 3 children and 6 Grandchildren. I took a degree in Fine and applied arts 8 years ago and have various City and Guilds Qualifications in Embroidery , Stumpwork , Patchwork /Quilting ,Teacher training etc, I am still learning and just now am revisiting machine embroidery and mixed media, you could say the eternal student. I used to teach adults in City and Guilds at my local college but am now retired.
I belong to my locaol Embroidery guild and we have lots of wonderful workshops , the most recent last week was called 'Dyeing and getting plastered ' Yes I know very funny. I do enjoy working in mixed media and this was fun using plaster etc.
At the moment I have some knitted blankets on the go for comforters for my grandchildren to use up the mountain of wool I have, I need to downsize somewhat. The machine is always out and just now working on samples for college.
I am so looking forward to these pages we are undertaking I have made several books in the past both fabric and paper and it is always good fun.
Good luck to everyone
Regards Juliette

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  1. Thanks Juliette - do you have any photos to post. We'd love to see photos of what you're up to. I envy you the City and Guilds training. I wish we had something of that nature in the US. I've only found one course of that type and it is someone originally from the UK. I've taken a first level machine embroidery course and hope to take the second level soon.


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