Monday, October 26, 2009

Now isn't this just so much fun

Hi Ruth and everyone, I am looking forward to meeting you all and i am sure over the 12 months we will become firm friends. I live in South Wales in the Uk in a little market town called Neath. I am not very far from the coast which is why i chose Coastline as my theme, as i am always drawn to the sea. I find great inspiration once near the sea. I love all forms of embroidery especailly traditional but for the last 5 years i have studied contemporary work doing City and Guilds course. I am currently learning patchwork and quilting and i have really enjoyed making a crazy patchwork bag. I am currently working on a kit i bought at the Knitting and Stitching show in London, its a little canvas work that makes a book cover.

I know i have talked too much, sorry its a fault of mine.
Love Chris


  1. Chris!! I for one love hearing about where you live and what you are doing!! It is so wonderful that we have these amazing tools that we can use to get to know each other. I am fascinated byt eh City and Guils program in the UK- there is nothing like it here in the US!! I hope tht you will share projects with us or refer us to a place where we can see more of your work!!
    I grew up on Cape Cod in Massachuseets USA so I certainly understand your love of the sea and have done several altered books using the sea as a theme!!

  2. Thanks for starting us out Chris! It's great that you introduced yourself. I hope everyone will as we go along.

  3. Hi Eliz, this is my second time to try and reply to you i seem to have a jinz today with electrical gadgets. What an exciting place to live but then i guess we all think that about when we hear about other countries. I love the sea and in fact my hubby drove me along the shore line after doing a little shopping in town.

    Doing C&G was hard work but a great spring board as i tend to be fearless of trying new things with different objects. I have had a nudge from our leader and i have opened up a flicker account so you can see some of my work i have added little descriptions but i will always give you more details on how to do if anything appeals. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all.

    What sort of work do you like to do Elizabeth? I am fasinated with what others do, there is always so much to learn. Love Chris


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