Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hi All, Elizabeth here!

I love the fact that we are doing this with a blog versus a Yahoo group! This is going to be such fun.
I thought that I would jump in and tell you a little bit about myself. I live in Virginia (for the past 4 years) in the US with my husband , two kids-17year old son who is a High School Senior and a 12 year old daughter who is in 7th grade. I work in the home as a full time Mom and I am also working hard as an artist selling my work on Etsy and at a Local Gallery. I have also recently started teaching seminar style classes in my home studio. I also teach beading and mixed media classesa t Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria VA.
I also love to work in my garden and I am passionate about having a chemical free organic garden. My garden is a continuous source of inspiration and color theory lessons for me!!!

I love working with lots of different media but started my creative explorations as a small child with needle and thread and yarn and fabric, I always have fiber projects going on no matter what else I am involved in!

I think that it might be fun if we all posted pictures of two recent projects that we are really proud of. That way we could see each other's recent work and get a good idea of everyones style and choices! What do you all think!!!
Got to run to a Dr's appointment, then I can have some coffee and feel more human!!
Have a wonderfully creative day everyone!!
Smiles !

P.S. How could I forget???? We also live with two dogs, Buddy and Pepper. Buddy is a Rat Terrier and curls up behind me in the computer chair whenever I sit down to work. Pepper is a Rat Terrier mix and alot bigger than Buddy so she does not get lap dog status and wishes she did. Not sure what I would do without my wonderful pets!!!!


  1. Hi Elizabeth you have a really busy life what with the family, garden and doing all your art work. I have never had the courage to sell anything i have made on etsy. I have sold things from a display case at college when we were trying to raise funds to pay for our course. Then i knitted jewellary using wire and beads. There doesn't seem to be enongh hours in a day to sew what i want let alone to sell. LOL

    Lovely to met up and hopefully we can see a photo of the dogs they sound a handful but fun.

  2. Hi Elizabeth. Please do post some recent photos of your work. That would be great. As Chris says, it sounds like you're quite busy. I'm so looking forward to getting to know everyone better. I have two Yorkshire terriers that are definitely lap dog size!


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