Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The sea - first page.

Oh thank you Trillian. My first page has arrived!

I just love the way Trillian has interpreted the fish and coral. There is a delightful starfish too!

It is so exciting seeing just how others depict the same theme. Now I must go and complete the first page I am making.


  1. Trillian - what a lovely interpretation of the sea. It has loads of texture which I love. How did you make the fish and the starfish? I would love to hear more about your processes.

    Mandy - Aren't you a lucky girl? Such a great start for your book.

  2. Yes Ruth, you are right. It is a lovely piece of work.

  3. Thank you Mandy and Ruth,

    I am happy that you love it. It travelled very quick.

    The background is wet felted, the fishes and the starfish are crochet. I don't have a manual. Just thought how it could look and I made them by heart.
    (Don't really know how to explain in English....:-/ ;-) ) The coral is a fluffy wool.

  4. this page is gorgeous. such cute little fish and the starfish. the felt is a lovely base too.

  5. The fish and starfish are so clever! I love the colors. They have a very tropical feel.

  6. What a delightful piece! It makes a great beginning for Mandy's book.

  7. I love that coral! Beautiful textured yarn in wonderful colours. Was it crocheted too or needlefelted?


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