Thursday, November 25, 2010

how I made the unicorn

I found this drawing in a book by Eileen Campbell called "Creative Designs for Applique". I enlarged the unicorn to the size I needed. I used shiny off white synthetic satin. Because the background fabric is dark and I didn't want it to shine through I ironed a thick vlieseline to the back. Then I ironed vliesofix ( fusible webbing) to the back so that I can iron it onto the background. To prevent fraying I didn't cut the unicorn but melted the outline with a sharp pointed soldering iron.

After that I ironed the unicorn to the background. For the embroidery I used rayon floss only. For the figure lines I used a dark beige and stem stitch. For the hoofs buttonhole stitch in beige. For the manes 2 colors purple in chainstitch. The eye is a reddish purple lazy daisy. When you read Terry Pratchett, you know unicorns have red eyes.

I hope this answers your question? Otherwise send me an email.


  1. Thanks so much Cobi. It really is helpful to know what techniques are being used for each page.

  2. you're welcome I love to share

  3. What a beautiful page! The rayon floss was a perfect selection. Thanks for sharing how it was done.


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