Friday, November 5, 2010

A new page - the Sea.

My page from Juliette arrived yesterday. Sadly, I arrived home too late in the day for a decent photograph, hence the delay in posting.
It is a really subtle treatment of "Sea" with a delightful arrangement of dyed fabrics representing the movement of the waves. There are a number of different fabrics here with some lovely texture variations.

The back has a lovely piece of dyed fabric too.

I have never tried stippling or dry brushing fabrics - but must try this for myself.

One (perhaps I should alter this to read "several") of the nicest things I have been finding about the challenge of completing pages for other people, and, in turn receiving them, is the wealth of different techniques I have seen and have been able to try out for myself. Without this group, I think there are many techniques I really would not have considered trying for myself. There is a lot to be said for pushing boundaries and trying things outside what might be considered a "comfort zone".


  1. Gorgeous page. And I too love seeing all the different techniques.

  2. I am so enjoying this story of the travelling pages, and utterly amazed at all the variations of everyone' different interpretations...this is a must read blog.


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