Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting Organized?

Hi, all.  It was so exciting to get the guidelines and the lists for this swap.  Once I saw the list of themes I couldn't just do nothing!  So I started thinking about how I could keep a handle on all these ideas, addresses, deadlines, etc.  Yipes!


Answer?  Index cards!  I made a 4x6 card for each month and wrote the recipients name, theme, and particular likes or dislikes.  I also wrote the country they live in so the overseas pages can be mailed a little early (maybe?).

As I go through magazines, blogs, and generally around town, I will grab photos and/or thoughts relating to the themes and stick them on - or with - the index card.  You can see that I have a few already. 

I'm thinking this is pretty brilliant for someone who is as scattered and dis-organized as I am.  LOL!  Time will tell if it actually works, however!

What are the rest of you doing to prepare?


  1. That's a good idea, Liz. I started a notebook to keep everything together. It's not very exciting as of yet. I plan on decorating it a bit but I've already starting some sketching for my first theme - The Innner Goddess.

  2. I htink that youare Fabulously brilliant Liz!!! I ahve to admit that I am not ready to do more than briefly look at the list as I have a few other wolves closer to the back of my sled right now!!! Stocking galleries for CHristmas and crafting Christmas gifts for giving is taking my tiem right now!!!
    I am very excited about this swap and when I do ge the Christmas prep taken care of I plan to take apage from your book so to speak and get organized like you have, unless of course you would like to do this in duplicate and send me a copy????? JUST KIDDING!!!! I must admit that I was absent when the organization and tiddiness genes were passed out!! I HAVE NEVER EVER missed a deadline though!!!


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