Wednesday, November 4, 2009


my name is Trillian. In real live I have an other name but in bloggerland/blogosphere I like to be Trillian. Called after the lady in the Hitchhiker written by Douglas Adams.

I like hand crafting as long as I can think.

Knitting and sewing I learned at school. In the past I liked to knit more than to sew. At the moment I prefer sewing.

In February this year I started to make fabric postcards and to swap them. Therefore I started my blog.

I haven't made fabric book pages before. So it is very exciting for me to start this project.
My theme is Fairy Tales. I have chosen this theme because I was in a fabric postcard swap with the same theme and began to read fairy tales. They are so interesting. And I like the interpretations of the stories.

Hope the next year will be full of positive surprises.
Looking forward swapping with you.


  1. Your fabric postcard is really cute, Trillian.

  2. Fairytales will be a challenge for me because I've never done figures in embroidery etc only sketched and painted. I'm welcoming it as a step in a new direction. Nice meeting you.

  3. Doing a fabric page for you will be challenaging and i hope i make the grade. Looking forward to getting to know you


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