Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting started

Hey, I'm so impressed with all the prep work everyone's doing! I've just cut out my templates as the material I want to use had been folded and so needs flattening out. As I did it I thought to also cut out a 'negative' of the shape so that if I colour/dye/patch/whatever some backing fabric for a page I could use that as a frame to choose the right part of the 'pattern' to use. I've found that really helpful before. Also I cut the template out in the shiny paper packaging that printer paper comes in so I can iron this onto fabrics and cut round and re-use. I think there's some proper stuff available but we don't have here.
While I was sitting thinking about the pages, I decided to try to use as many different techniques etc. as poss. I did a foundation C&G course in the UK before I retired out here and learned so much that I don't use so I got my books out and ended up with this list:-
Hand & Machine embroidery, Patchwork, trad and crazy, Scrunched brown/tissue paper, Silk paper, Wet and Needle felt, Silver foil,plastic packaging etc, Metal, Resists of wax,PVA,gutta, Applique and reverse, Stamping, Crayoning to colour, Transfer crayons and of course dying of all kinds.
What can you add to this?
Also when you're doing my pages I'd love for you to try some unusual techniques or materials as well - jsut looking at some of the mixed media work on different artists' websites etc. makes my mouth water and my brain hurt sometimes!! So creative!


  1. How about screen printing, breakdown screen printing, flour paste resist, gelatin printing, discharging, fabric paper, thread sketching... I'm sure I can think of more. Sounds wonderful!

  2. Devoure, thermafax printing, block printing, mono printing, cut back applique,soldering iron on Lutadour,heat gun on organzas, painted bondaweb, distort quilting,machine embellishing, shaving cream marbelling. oh the list goes on and on i am sure i will think of loads more before the night is out and the sad thing is i think i have done everyone that has been mentioned oh a couple of my favs is indigo dying and rust dyeing. LOL

  3. Thanks for the additions, a lot of them I haven't done where specialist materials are required though. BUT how could we have forgotten basic weaving, knitting and crochet?? Especially the lovely 'scrumbles' people are doing nowadays. And of course, beading!!


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