Tuesday, June 15, 2010


As requested by Chris, here is the page I made for her.

I had originally started this piece using felt which I had made. Sadly, I just could not make this first version work. It just did not feel right.
I knew that the coastline I wanted to share was the area around Formby Point in Lancashire. This is one of my favourite places. Not very far from the famous Blackpool beach, Formby is quiet, the dunes are a fascinating place to visit. Also there are coniferous woodlands here, a nature reserve with one of the last places where Red Squirrels can be found.
A series of visits to the library followed. My favourite of all the books I borrowed was this one.
ISBN: 10 - 1905400381 (or 13 - 978-1905400386)

This photograph showed the dunes I so wanted to share.

After a lot of painting, and handstitching, my once white sheet turned into this scene. I added figures applied using bondaweb.

I had found a suitable photograph on the internet, so tried to copy this. The photo above shows the scene I was building against the photograph I had found.
On top of this I used a couple of maps of the area printed onto silk gauze.

Along with the page, I added this explanation.

And this list of the materials used in the construction.


  1. I love the way you used the maps, Mandy. Very inventive.

  2. Thanks Ruth. I enjoyed making this page.

  3. Brilliant page, I love maps and am thinking of doing something using the contour lines where I live as it's very hilly. I've never done any printing on fabric so I think I'll need to explore that first. I love your figures on the page. They remind me of Gormley's figures - I believe they are/were in that stretch of coastline???

  4. They still stand on the beach. I think they are further north because I have not yet seen them. That is one section of beach I really must find and explore. Apparently they make quite an impact, Gormley's figures. I have seen photos, but it is not quite the same as actually being close to them.
    Thanks for your comments, Katerina.

  5. Dear Mandy,
    it is a wonderful page. I love the idea with the different layers.
    Even the two people at the beach are wonderful, but with the printed coastline it's better again.

  6. Beautiful work Mandy!! I love all that you have done!


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