Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Window Page From Carmen, Page For Johanna

I have recieved a wonderful Window page form Carmen!! Thank you so much Carmen for your wonderful addition to my book!!!! I will post a picture of it later as I am off to take eldest son for his first College advising appointment. It is a very busy time for me here as son graduates from High School on Saturday!
I am working on my Fairy Tale page for Trillian , and will have it on it's way by the end of the month.

I also put my May page for Johanna, The goddess, in the mail but made a mistake and sent it to the old address!! I have been in touch with Johanna and we are hoping the the folks at her old address will forward the page along to her!!!! I could not find the updated address when I needed it- So SOrry. I will be on call to recreate the page if it does not arrive at johanna's new address.

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