Friday, June 4, 2010

An Exquisite Treasure From Maya!!!

I was awestruck and totally speakless (THis does not happen very often- just ask my husband and kids!!!!) when I opened the envelope that arrived from Bangalore India, yesterday!! Maya, your workwomanship is amazing!!!! I can't get over the fact that you crocheted the lace insert piece yourself!! It is so lacy and delicate! you must have used a lace makers crochet hook. My grandmother used to make lace with a crochet hook and I truely regret not getting her to teach me!!!
Maya has told me that this type of window is called a 'jali" window. The real Jali windows have inserts carved from marble and are just a lacey and delicate as the one that she has portryed her in her fabric version. Then she stitched and sketched in all of the wonderful shadow and floral details, the wonderful line of tiny golden sequins and finished the whole thing off with a glorious hand done blanket stitch edging. Her stitches are so perfectly spaced, I am in total awe of your talents, Maya!!!!
Here are a couple of detail shots and you can click on the photos for an even closer look!!!
Here you cna see the carefully sketched tiny hatch marks that Maya drew to give dimension to her wonderful piece. So beautifully done!!!!!

The back is lined with aonderful midnight blue silk and she stitched the title and name and her name all in fabulous tiny stem stitch.

Thank you so very much for giving me such a beautiful piece of fiber art that speaks so beautifully of your glorious country and culture. I have always spent lots of time studying pictures of India whenever I can find them, like those in National Geographic. I would love to think that perhaps some day I might be lucky enough to visit your wonderful part of the world!!!!
Thank you! Thank You! Thank you again!!!!


  1. Maya this is a lovely piece but then all your work is beautiful you always seem to go the extra mile and it is much appreciated by the recipients I am sure.

  2. what a beautiful piece and the window is inspired!

  3. wow, this is terrific. I love the see through effect.

  4. Elizabeth I'm delighted you've recieved the page and that its got you to write up such an eloquent post :), thank you.
    This swap has become a wonderful exercise in stretching my imagination and skills each month when I need to tackle a different theme/subject.

    Thank you Juliette, Caterina and Cobi.

  5. Maya, the page is wonderful. What a really interesting design the jali windows are.
    Beautiful work.

  6. This is a wonderful page! I've seen the jali windows in photos but did not know much about them. Maya, I think you did a great job of turning it into fiber.


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