Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flowers from Gayle

This is a very bad pic of the wonderful page that Gayle has made for me. I know she sent us all scurrying to Google that word - Kanzashi, and I really think you'll have to look again and put those images with this one. I just couldn't get the 3D-ness of the page to register on my scanner, part of the page always came out of focus! Sorry, Gayle, not to do your work justice. Your comment in the attached letter 'it (the technique) takes more manual dexerity than I have' is just not true; yes I dare say there are experts in all fields but, let's face it, if we never tried anything just because we can't do it as well as the experts then our lives would be far poorer. I had a very good friend with whom I shared a passion for trying out new techniques and we never let our modesty in our own skills get in the way of sharing our attempts. A weaving instructor I once had used not to let us pull out any 'mistakes' ; he said those were what showed it was handmade. But, as you can see, Gayle has really pulled this one off and I got some vintage buttons as well plus a lovely back to the page as well. Thank you very much for sharing this find with us all, Gayle, I never knew about Kanzashi until now.


  1. Katerina, what a beautiful page you now have. Gayle, those Kanzashi flowers are gorgeous. I must use your links to try those for myself.

  2. I happy that it arrived safely Kath, and that you are happy with it. It was fun to try, and who knows, I may find a use for these flowers sometime in the future. As I look at the very complex versions, the teeny-tiny flowers, I am in awe of the experts at this craft.


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