Friday, June 25, 2010

Sorry Elizabeth

I'm apologising in advance that my windows page for you will be late, Elizabeth. We were on holiday until 13th. June and I drew some draft ideas but then my husband developed acute appendicitis so was rushed to hospital last Saturday. We are 30 kms. from the town so most nights I stay with my friend there (in Greek hospitals the nurses just nurse, so any personal tasks for the patients must be done by friends and family. I've some wonderful friends here who are helping, but as we are retired from the UK, no family back-up so I'm in for most of the day). As I'd only just started with ideas I can't even take the embroidery in to do there, much as I'd love to. Hopefully he will be out by Monday and then I can start! Bear with me...................thanks


  1. Oh Dear KAth!!!
    FAMILY FIRST!!!! Please do not worry about the page! I will be thrilled with it whenever it arrives. you must be worn out!!
    Take care of DH and Yourself and let us know how he is getting on !!Thanks for keeping us in touch!!!!!
    Very Best Wisshes to both of you!!!

  2. Kath, I do hope your husband recovers soon. Do look after yourself at this time, and don't allow yourself to get too exhausted.
    Best wishes to you both.


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