Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gayle its on its way to you

Hi Gayle your page is on its way and i am so sorry its very late, its been one hell of a month and to be honest i am not even sure if i will be able to carry on. I will write to Ruth and explain. I have added a little extra just say i am sorry. Hope it gets to you soon. I can't give you a taste as my old camera has finally given up the ghost. A bit like me. LOL So if you would do a photo for me i will be very grateful. Many thanks.
Love Chris

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  1. Chris, no apology necessary! We all understand that life has its bumps, and we can't always do what seemed so easy 9 months ago when we made the commitment. I was late mailing this month also. I do appreciate that you put a page together in spite of personal complications. I will post a picture when I receive it.
    Take care of yourself,


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