Friday, January 14, 2011

Kath and Maya

Hi Kath and Maya I posted both of your pages yesterday, they have been done a while but we had such trouble with the post with the bad weather for so long I dare not risk posting them. These are my last 2 pages now I am finished just waiting for my pages to arrive now.
It's been an enjoyable journey if sometimes challenging to be on time, but hopefully soon I will be able to put all my pages together and mae a cover. It will be nice to see all the finishd books.
Hugs to all and happy New Year.


  1. Thank you Juliette for the heads up, waiting to receive the page.
    Yes, will be great to see all the books assembled.

  2. Thanks too Juliette, looking forward to getting my page and that will make me think about the finished article! Has anyone started on any ideas yet?

  3. I have felted a piece of flat felt to start my book covers. It is supposed to look like bark. I'm thinking on how I'm doing the book construction as well.


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