Saturday, January 29, 2011

A new Sea page!

My page has arrived from Maya. It is so lovely, with such a lot of detail not immediately apparent.

There is a lot of hand stitching, with lots of beads simulating the movement of the sea. The stitches holding the fabric in place remind me of Kantha stitching. There are many pieces of foil, and silk making up the background, all adding to the texture.
The piece is edged in handworked blanket stitch. I wish my stitches could be so neat.

Adding to the detail, there are sequins added in to the back of the blanket stitch edging. What a lovely idea!

Here is Maya's letter, giving some idea of the techniques she has used.

Thanks so much Maya, I love my new page.


  1. BEautiful page Maya!!!!! First time stitching with beads????? Hard to believe- I don't think that it will be your last!!!! Love all of the texture in the sea with the adorable little red fishes!!! Your stitch work is divine!!!!!!

  2. Mandy I'm glad you like the page.It got to you so quickly.
    Thank you for such a detailed post about the page.
    Elizabeth - no this is just the bginning of my adventure with beads.
    Ruth - I like the fishies too, I hould have put one or two on the back of the page too.


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