Monday, March 1, 2010

All White Page for Debi!!

Now hat I know that Debi has recieved her All White Page, in her new home in Everete, Washington, I am happy to share pictures of my work with you!!
I had such fun creating this page. I started it during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics and I have to admit that there were several times when I actually had to stop working and watch some fo the amazing program!! I did stitch away on the piece throughout the first weekend of the games and was sorry when I finished it!! I have been inpired to go on and create several more all white pieces for other projects, however!
For this piece, I used all vintage bits from my stash and I put it all together using only hand stitches. It was such a relaxing piece to work on! I am trying very very hard to use just what I have and use some of my favorite hoarded things. This way I can continue on the hunt for more wonderful textile pieces!!!

I created the puffed heart using a snippett of a silk scarf to cover a padded cardboard heart cut out, that I then added pearl seed beads to. I wanted to be sure to add a heart to the collage as I was creating this page during Valentines month. I used pieces of tatting, some wonderful heavy floral trim( mostly up near the arch) some creamy crocheted lace and some bobbin lace (down at the bottom). The background fabric is part of an enormous damask napkin with a beautiful Poppy pattern woven in, but with so much going on , I am afraid that the damask pattern got rather overwhelmed.In several spots I tucked in some creamy big fresh water pearls and some Mother of Pearl Buttons- my favorites!!! For the edging, I couched pure white cotton yarn (two rows) along the seam between the front and the back. The back was also made from the same vintage Damask napkin used for the front. Those napkins have an amazing amount of fabric in them and Are a wodnerful source for hand dyeing fabric as well!!!
I am so glad that you like your page Debi!! I certainly enjoyed every stitch!!!!


  1. This page looks realy nice. wow, great job.

  2. What a lovely page - perfect for Debi's theme.


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