Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beautiful Trees from Liz

Isn't this page from Liz gorgeous? I received it yesterday and I love it. Each new page is wonderful because they are so different.
Here's a closer veiw of her hand stitching.
I just love how she's depicted the aspen trees in the fall. One of my favorite seasons.
Here's the back in lovely fall colors. Thanks Liz!


  1. Yes it is gorgeous. And it's interesting to see the whole page after the details some days ago.
    I like how she made the stock of the trees.

  2. Beautiful trees.Never seen aspen trees but I like the way the trunks of the trees have been made.

  3. Just lovely. Is the background painted?

  4. I am awestruck!! this page is glorious!!! OK LIZ do tell all about how you did it!!! It is stunning!!!!

  5. I will post a more detailed explanation on my blog - give me a day or two! I'm so glad everyone likes it. This page was both a challenge and fun.


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