Friday, March 26, 2010

Indian Palace for Carmen

This is the page I created for Carmen in February. The theme was Castles and its an Indian palace I've depicted which is viewed through an arched window and that's the leaves and fruit laden mango tree which is also visible.
I used an actual picture of a palace which I mounted on thin card paper and stitched onto the backing fabric. The arched window is cotton fabric which has been appliqued and embroidered with sequins and blue metallic thread. Most palaces and forts in India are heavily decorated with murals, inlaid with semi precious stones or carved.
The mango tree and sky are embroidered and coloured with oil pastels.
Delighted and relieved to hear Carmen has received the page.


  1. Maya, I love seeing your Indian buildings in your work! Keep it up! Also I was happy to read how you stitched the picture onto the fabric; I've always been a bit jealous that I can't buy things like image transfer stuff etc out here on Crete and don't want to spend time and money buying (probably more than I need) on the internet. I must try it and wish I'd known before I finished my castle as I've found it the most difficult so far. Can't wait for your next page!

  2. I really love the way you are using images from your part of the world for your pages. Being in such an international group is very exciting, and you (and each of the other ladies) give a special look at the world that none of the rest of us have.

  3. What an interesting page. Thanks for posting how you put it together. I find it fascinating to hear about the techniques used to make each page.

  4. I like the stitches. The sky becomes to life. In my opinion the tree and the border give the page a warm character.

  5. Thank you ladies.
    Katherina its for the same reasons - non availability of image transfer stuff or my ignorance of its availability that got me doing the "paper applique". I guess desperation as much as necessity drives one to get creative!!!
    Couldn't agree with you more Gaylenona - its going to be a very special book each of us will have at the end of this swap.
    Mandy - I find it interesting too to hear how people have created their pages.
    Trillian - thank you for appreciation of the border and the tree.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing such a richly layered culture with us!! I ahve always loved the shape f the archways and windows of indian architecture- you depict it all so beautifully!!!!
    My kids and I were just watching the new series called LIFE- naarated by Oprah it is all about our natural world and they showed 1000's of fruit bats gorging on juicy mangoes and here I see the beautiful fruits hanging in your trees, makes me all very hungry. I would so love to be able to pick mangoes off of my own tree but then I am sure that those who can would love to have fresh strawberries and raspberries!!!!


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