Thursday, March 4, 2010

Window Page From Chris!!!!

My fabulous window page from Chris flew in across the pond from Wales today!! It is so creative and fabulous and full of inventive techniques. It is simply wonderful and I wish that you could all see it in person.
Chris, please go ahead and post pictures of your fabulous piece so everyone can see what you ahve done and read about just how you did it!! Thank you for all of the little goodies that you added. You certainly do live in a very beautiful part of the world!!!

Wouldn't it be fabulous if some how, and I do know that this is only a dream, we could all gather and meet in person and share our beautiful books??? That would be the frosting on the cake!!!!
Happy Hugs to all


  1. Elizabeth - you might want to post a photo as it appears Chris is recovering from surgery. In regards to getting together and sharing our books, I think that would be fabulous. I have been thinking about this and I think it would be great if all of our books could be in a show or maybe a magazine since we probably will not be able to all get together. I will be working on this idea and if anyone has any suggestions or thoughts along these lines, let me know.

  2. Please Elizabeth if you can do a better picture i would be grateful. I love the idea of getting together don't know how it work mind , if i come up with an idea i will let you know. I am now moving on to doors.


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