Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carmen and Johoanna

Hi - I sent both of you an e-mail last week asking whether or not you've received your February pages but haven't heard back from you. Please post your pages as you receive them or have the sender post a photo once it's been received. That way everyone can see the pages and I know that they have arrived safely. I know sometimes it's a hassle but if the sender doesn't know you received it, she may think it was lost in the mail. Carmen - It looks like according to Maya's blog that you page was received but since nothing was ever posted here, I wasn't sure. Thanks!


  1. Ruth I sent out the page to Carmen but haven't heard whether she's recieved it. I posted it on my blog and was hoping Carmen would write or post a picture on the Traveling Pages blog when she recieved it.Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Sorry for being so quiet. Have finally sorted out internet access. Now am waiting for my sewing machine to get here, which will be next week.

    Yes, I do have my page from Gayle. It is lovely. It's interesting to see everyone's take on my theme. Everyone has such different but equally wonderful ideas. Thanks so much.


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