Sunday, March 21, 2010


I got home late last night, and was delighted to find a package from Debi in my mailbox. This adorable little hummingbird had quite an adventure before winging his way to my house. I love the colors Debi chose for this page. The back is crazy quilted also, and looks like it's made with vintage fabrics. Am I right Debi? Don't you just love the beaded trim at the top! Debi also sent some charming extras, including a couple of dyed silkworm cocoons. Those brought back memories! When I taught Kindergarten we had a mulberry tree on our playground, and I raised silkworms every spring, keeping the eggs in my freezer all summer and winter. We always had a few caterpillars that escaped and spun their cocoons in odd places. Thank you Debi!


  1. OH! So glad you like it! I have a long love affair with hummingbirds. They are such fierce little creatures for their size! It's a good thing that we had 9 acres at our last home! I had to strategically place their feeders where the couples couldn't see the other couple. They defend their territory like crazy. A lions heart in the body of a teeny tiny bird!
    HuGGs! Debi
    PS: Yes, they are actually antique fabrics! I was the one lucky enough to get all my great-grandmothers fabrics and all her UFO's. I even managed to get a couple of my G-Great-Grandmothers sewing projects and supplies. (In an ugly box with drawers that my G-Great =-Grandfather built for her to carry her things all the way across the united states by covered wagon!)

  2. I love hummingbirds, too. It's wonderful that you are using antique fabrics from your family and to think that they were carried by covered wagon - Wow!

  3. Oh Debi! I am especially touched that you would use such precious fabrics for my page. What a gift.

  4. How very special to have such precious fabrics and be able to use them.
    Thanks for the information about humming birds. I saw my first wild one only a couple of weeks ago - whilst I was on holiday. What extraordinary little birds they are.

  5. A beautiful page! And just thinking about those vintage fabrics and what stories they could tell gives me the shivers. Gayle, you are so lucky!


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