Monday, August 23, 2010

Belated post - Mandy's Castle page for Carmen.

This is rather out of sequence, but here is the Castle page I made for Carmen back in April.

As my attached letter explains, the picture is based on a photograph I took of my daughters playing in the ruins of Beeston Castle.

This rather wonderful ruin is on the top of a steep hill with magnificent views of the surrounding Cheshire Plain. The site was chosen carefully for its strategic value. Built as it was many centuries ago, it was there to help protect the English from the marauding Welsh. With a cliff to three sides and a steep hill climbing to the remaining side, the castle managed to survive for centuries eventually falling during the English Civil War. It has the benefit of an amazingly deep well, which would have been life-saving for the inhabitants during a seige.
As a family, when my daughters were young we often visited this castle. We learnt a lot about the history surrounding it whilst playing amongst the ruins. There are still regular events, where various societies come to re-enact different periods from the Castles long history.
Thanks Carmen for allowing me to wander very happily down memory lane as I put this piece together.


  1. Mandy - I'm glad you posted the photo of your page even though out of sequence. I like to see all the pages! Looks like your daughters had fun at the ruins.

  2. A fabulous take on this theme!!! Love how you did all of the brick/stone detail!!!

  3. Loved reading about Beeston Castle. Such a great page. Great texture on the rock, and I love the depiction of the little girls.

  4. Thanks so much for your comments. I'm glad you liked the page.


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