Monday, August 23, 2010

Scotty's Castle for Carmen

The Post Office tells me that this page has arrived at Carmen's house, so here are the pics. I have particularly enjoyed the pages depicting scenes and life around the world.
There are not many castles in California to inspire me! LOL But...I have always wanted to visit Scotty's Castle in the desert area called Death Valley. The story of the "castle" is that of an unlikely friendship between a reprobate prospector and a wealthy, religious busnessman from back East. This link tells the whole story:
The rocky sand was made with Texture Magic. Great stuff! The cactus is one variety of prickly pear. I have never eaten the fruit fresh, but have had jelly made from it. The young leaves or paddles can be skinned an eaten as a vegetable or side dish (nopales). Once in a home in Tijuana, I was served a breakfast of scrambled eggs and nopales with still warm tortillas fresh from the neighborhood tortilleria, Mmmmm!


  1. wonderful page and terrific story!!!! A great addition to the castle book!!!

  2. I like the cactus. Great story too.

  3. What a fascinating story, Gayle. Did you burn the edges of the fabric used to depict the mountains and the desert pieces? They have a slightly darkened edge to them.

  4. Great job! Love the textures.

  5. Yes Mandy, the edges of the mountains and desert were burned. It makes a nice finish for them, even if it brought DH from the other end of the house to see what was smelling. LOL I fused the mountains to the background with Steam a Steam II.


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