Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Windows for Elizabeth.

I was delighted to hear a short time ago, that my page for Elizabeth has just arrived.

The windows page was based on my photographs of this delightful little chapel on a bridge crossing the Great Ouse.

The picturesque town you can glimpse beside the waterfront is called St Ives. I can recommend an exploration of the area, since the town and it's small museum is well worth a visit. More photographs from my trip can be seen here.

It was great fun to interpret one of the glazed windows for Elizabeth. As you can see from the note I sent with the page, I used a number of techniques. The gessoed piece of canvas came from a damaged artists canvas I had taken to pieces. The frame will eventually be used for some screen printing experiments.........

I could not resist putting something behind the window frame.

So the window is hinged using beads, so that it can open to reveal............

Hence the title..............

The back is made using a piece of scrap silk and some mulberry paper.


  1. Hi Mandi,
    what a wonderful page! I love the idea that you can open the window and see the world.

  2. Thanks Trillian. It was great fun to make.

  3. I absolutely adore this page! Mandy did an amazing job and I wisht aht you could all see the page in person. Hinging the window with beads is a stroke of genius!! mandy also included a wonderful assortment of travel brochures from her part of the world with lots of pictures of cathedrals and buildings with gorgeous gothic architecture. someday I do hope to visit your part of the world Mandy!!!
    Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!!!!

  4. Thats all right, Elizabeth I am so glad that you liked it. I do hope that the leaflets would be useful to you.
    Do let me know if you end up coming this way one day.


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