Friday, August 13, 2010

Just to say thanks

Johoanna thank you so much for the lovely page which i recieved on Monday. I haven't been able to say before as i had a complete shut down on the computer and have had to invest in a new one and even that isn't easy is it? Any how ladies my page was lovely and Johoanna yours is on its way to you a little late but on its way. Luckily i had printed out your address before the crash and as i don't have any email addys as well i haven't been able to write to ask Ruth to email the lists across but i think i am doing fairy tales. Anyway i am so sorry to be a pain i will try and be better in the future. Love Chris

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  1. Chris - sorry to hear about your computer. You are doing fairy tales for Ann for August. On Monday, I will e-mail you all the info again. It's on the computer at work so I can't do it from home.


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