Sunday, August 15, 2010

Page for Juliette

Since Juliette received her seashore page (the second attempt as the first was lost in the mail), I thought I'd post some photos for everyone to see. I love the little sandpipers along the seashore and I had this lovely piece of rusted fabric that reminded me of the beach so I put the two together. The water is a hand dyed piece of fabric. The sandpiper was drawn with colored pencils and then painted with fabric medium. I then did a bit of machine stitching and quilting. I edged it with a raffia machined cord.

Here's a close up of the bird.

And the back. Glad you liked it Juliette and maybe sometime you'll get the first one too.


  1. Ruth !! This piece is absolutely stunning!! Using the rusted piece for the sand is brilliant and your work on the sandpiper is amazing!! Such talents!!!! Lucky lucky julliette!!!

  2. Such a lovely piece. I do like the sandpiper standing looking into the water. You are so lucky Juliette, but then you already knew that!


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