Monday, August 30, 2010


Hi Liz, with apologies but your page will be in the post this week for sure, hopefully tomorrow!! So sorry for the delay, I hope you enjoy it at last. Here's a pic of some doors around Rethymno, our nearest town but the one I'm doing you is based on a church near our village.


  1. I have been trying to do a lot of photos on one page like you have with the did you do that.

  2. Wonderful image of doors. Yes, I'd like to know too, which software/site you used to create the mosaic of doors.

  3. Fabulous photo array KAth!! I do love all of the wonderful texture in those doors.

    Ladies I think if you load all of your pictures into windows photo gallery and then select the layout for mutiple photos that shows 4over and 4 down you can move each shot into each space. Pretty simple - IF i have made any sense at all????

    Iwould also love to hear how you did it Kath!!!

  4. Oh dear, caught out!!! It has been on sale as a postcard for all the years I remember as a tourist, then when I need it - it's off the shelf. So I looked up the tourist sites for Rethymno and bingo !!! When I saw Liz's topic it was the first thing that came into my head but as it happens we have an old church nearby with an amazing doorway that I have tried miserably to use as inspiration so I thought I'd post this pic anyway. Pleased you like it but sorry, I didn't take the pic!!

  5. Actually, thinking about it - my computer has a default pic. programme called Picasa which can be used as web photo storage but it has a facility to make mosaics which I've done a couple of times for groups of family photos. Having said that I remember on an 'Artist's' website a warning to put a copyright or photos can be sold off by such as Google without the actual owner getting any money or recognition. Suppose it wouldn't be so important for simple photos but this artist had seen a pic of some of her actual work being used so was understandably annoyed to say the least


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