Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank You Ann!!!

I am so sorry to be so tardy with responding to your wonderful page Ann!!! We have just gotten our eldest child off to his first year of college and there has been alot of emotional upheaval and moving of stuff , going on!!! He is trying to find his way ans struggling and my Mommy heart hurts for him but he will come thru it all, I am sure
ANYWAY!!!! Thank you so much for the lovely quilted page. Ann depicted two cats sitting on a window looking out onto a beautifully quilted yard. I do have a very soft spot for a certain cat from my past. This particular Kitty got me thru some very rough teenage years and lived to the very old age of 18! i love the page Ann thank you!!!
I can't seem to find the page in all of the piles around the house so I am wondering if you might be able to post a picture. As I get things sorted I will find it and post a shot of it then!!
Big Hugs and Thanks, Ann!!!

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