Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Already!

It's hard to believe but we are at the end of our swap. I have really enjoyed exchanging pages with everyone and it has been so much fun to see all the pages that have been made. Isn't it amazing what different ideas people come up with based on the same themes?

As I have written to you all, I would appreciate it if everyone gets all their pages completed and mailed by the end of February. I know that some of you are still behind but please make every effort to catch up in this extra month. I know that everyone wants to start putting their pages together into a book so please make sure that you get any late pages sent so that can happen.

If you have good ideas on book construction, it would be wonderful if you posted your ideas. Or if you have questions about how to put your book together, do post and ask everyone. Maybe someone can help out with an idea on book making that you wouldn't have thought about.

If you haven't received a page from someone, please e-mail them to ask about when your page is expected to be complete. If you don't hear back, please let me know which pages you are missing. I appreciate every one's cooperation and hope that all pages will be completed as promised.

Signing off,

Your Swap Mom


  1. Thanks so much for all your work in organising this project, Ruth. I have enjoyed it immensely and have learnt so much too.
    At present I am awaiting news on three pages which have not yet arrived. One further page is, I know, on its way.
    I am currently planning my front cover.

  2. Ruth, you have been a great Swap Mom! I'm still "processing" ideas for binding while I wait for the last two pages to arrive. This has been quite an experience. Would I do it again? YES! Altho, maybe not right away. LOL!

  3. Also thanks from me, Ruth. It was my first time of doing anything like this and you made it very easy.

  4. Yes, I'm also awaiting 3 pages. I hadn't realised until I put the pages in order to make the book. I know Cobi has promised to catchup but I also am missing pages from Debi and Carmen. I hope these haven't been sent and gone astray? I did have a rather hectic last six months of last year so may have missed a posting querying their arrival; can you update me please? Thanks, Kath


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