Friday, February 4, 2011

Silver Saucer and Transparent apple by Mandy

Yesterday I found a soft envelope in my mailbox. It came from Mandy. She has sent me an Russian fairy: "The tale of the silver saucer and the transparent apple". I didn't know the tale but read it today. Mandy had sent it with the fabric book page to me. It is a wonderful tale and she made a wonderful page for me.

Look at the photo. You can see the the apple made with light blue fabric and painted with some silver so that it is glittering. On top and on bottom of the apple there are two some words out of the fairy which the princes spoke when she span the apple around in the silver saucer. When she did it she could look through the apple to all places of the world. In front of the apple are photos printed on Jacquard Extrav Oganza semi transparent silk sheets. The background of the page is made with a experiment printing fabric.

This is the backside of the page:

There were a lot of goodies with in the envelope. I show them on the next photo:

Thank you very much for the fabric book page, the story and all the nice things.

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  1. I am so glad that it all reached you safely. Its nice to hear that you like the story too. The version I know was written by Arthur Ransome in his book, "Old Peter's Russian Tales". Published before the Russian Revolution, it is a book full of really interesting stories. I know the book is still available through Amazon in the UK.


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