Friday, February 11, 2011

Full circle

Breathe again, Maya!! Your page has arrived in Crete!! It's so Indian with block printed fabrics and sewn beads and sequins. Thank you so much, Maya, as you say we've come full circle now as your first leaf page was from me. I too look forward to making up my book and will make the binding un-fastenable (wish I could speak English!!) so as to include any late-comers. Thanks to all, I really look forward to seeing this next step from everyone. I wonder if there are any 'peeks' ready yet???


  1. I forgot to say sorry, the page is a little squashed by my scanner and also there was no way I could bring out the wonderful gold in the background material, but I know it's there!

  2. That's Ok Kath, glad you like the page.

  3. This is a beautiful page I really love it.


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