Friday, April 9, 2010

All Creatures Page For March

I must apologize for not posting this sooner. We have been having Internet Access problems that we had no control over for a couple of days, then I ahve been off visiting colleges with my 18 yr old son. We have Internet back and my son has decided which college he will be attending in the fall, so things are getting back to a state resembling normal!!! PHEW!!!!
So back to the page that I created for Gayle! All of the fabric that I used in this page was painted or stamped by me. When I paint on fabric I use regular craft acrylic paints and medium weight white cotton fabric. With the paint the fabric takes on a canvas quality and it is not suitable for wearing or drapping unless you want stiff fabric, but it is great for fabric collage. The bird is from a rubber stamp that I carved from my own design and I used Staz-on ink to stamp onto the painted bit of fabric.

All of the stitching on this page was alos done by hand using regular embroidery floss. I really love putting things together by hand- I find it all very therapeutic and rewarding.

For the quote I used a Pitt permanent pen and wrote it by hand.

I am so glad that you like your page Gayle! I really enjoyed making it for you!!!

I just now scrolled down thru the posts taht I have missed!! Hope that you all don't mind seeing pictures of the same page twice!!!!

I have just read all of your comments about my Bird Stamp. You all sure know how to make a girl feel good!!!! I carved the stamp in soft rubber ( the kind used for pink erasers) it is available at most craft stores but if you want a really good deal on the carving tools and some rubber, I suggest you go to and order thru them. It is very simple to do. The lino cutting is much more difficult. I am thinking about carving some more of these birds and selling them on my Etsy Site that I am about to re launch. If anyone is interested in purchasing one just send me a private e-mail. I would encourage all of you to give this process a try. There are many books out on the subject and I am willing to bet that you could go to your local library and find a couple of books taht would give you step by step insturctions. I know that there are sites on the web that have free tutorials and a quick google would be all that you would need to get you going!!! Give it a whirl girls, you won't be sorry that you did!! Painting and Dyeing your own fabric is really a lot of fun!!!!

Have a great weekend all!!!


  1. Thanks for letting us know how you achieved the bird stamp. What an interesting idea. I must give that a go.

  2. I love to hear about the process so thanks for posting more info!

  3. This is so bright and beautiful! It makes my heart sing!!!! Wonderful job of collage and layering. HuGGs!


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