Friday, April 16, 2010

Dutch Doors

Cobi, your dutch door arrived today.  It is definitely worth waiting for! 


I placed the postcard that came with the page behind the door so you could all see what a wonderful piece this is.  The flowers are so pretty!   I loved the quote from Terry Pratchett.  He's one of my favorites, too!  It's fascinating to learn how much we all have in common through these pages.

I plan to post some more pictures on my blog this evening.  I hope you all take a minute to see some of the other pictures.  Thank you so much, Cobi.


  1. That is such a lovely door. The colours are gorgeous and the stitching around the piece just sets the door off so nicely.
    Is that a brickwork pattern on the background fabric?

  2. This is spectacular. Your floral stitching is always exquisite.

  3. What a fabulous door , so beautifully done. I DO so love your flower stitching, Cobi!!!


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