Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yes! My page from Elizabeth has arrived!

Just to let you all know that my page from Elizabeth arrived today. It is all I expected and more. So colorful and so creative. You are one talented lady Elizabeth. I will let you post the picture so you can tell everyone about your handpainted fabric and the bird print. (Yes folks, I tell you that much. It is a lovely bird.) If you want me to post the picture I will be happy to.
Thank you so much.


  1. This sounds really exciting. Can't wait to see the page itself.

  2. So glad to hear that it has arrived Gayle!! I have had no time for computers lately! I will get to posting the pictures of the page as soon as I can get some time on the computer- kids are on Spring Break and the computer is going full speed!! I have to reserve some time!!! YEEESH!!

  3. I'll go ahead and put the picture on tonight, and you can add your comments as you get time. Hope those kids let Mom have a little computer time someday. LOL


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