Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just Mom Checking Up On You Again

Hi all,

It's the first of April and it looks like there are a couple of pages that haven't been received for February and five that I haven't seen a mention of whether or not they have been mailed for March. I would appreciate it if everyone would blog when they mail their pages and the recipients please blog when they receive them. I know that life does get in the way sometimes but as we're only at the end of the first quarter of our year long swap, I hate to see people get behind. I love seeing all the pages and hearing about how they were made. Everybody can learn from each other the more information we post here. So please take a few minutes and post about pages sent and received.



  1. Yes, I was wondering if I'd missed the posts for some pages; I'm keeping pics of everyone's as this is a huge learning curve for me and I'm picking up tips from you all!! Hope you don't mind!! Anyway, as I too was guilty of not posting an actual preview pic or saying that I'd posted my page to Carmen, apologies - it was posted on Tuesday and I'll attach a peek.

  2. What an excellent idea, Katerina. I too am learning a great deal by merely being part of this group. It is a steep learning curve for me too. It will be fascinating to see the completed books.

  3. Elizabeth - I looked at the schedule and your page for March is being made by Carmen. Cobi is making a page for Debi for March. I'm not sure where you are looking to see these inconsistencies. Carmen doesn't get on the computer very much and doesn't post much so that's probably why you haven't heard. E-mail me if you still think there is a problem. info (at)

  4. I'm stitching on the doors page for Liz that was due in February.


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