Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank you Johanna

Of course I didn't mind waiting a little for this sweet picture and flower-beaded page! The back has some lovely fabric - did you do the highlights on it, Johanna? And isn't the frog cute on the included card? Evidently he's a Green Tree Frog, I think we have them here on Crete but have never seen one.


  1. How lovely. Bright with such lovely colours. That is a rather special fabric for the front. Katerina, I agree, that photo is really sweet. I like the added little beads especially those little flower beads.
    I must admit that it was Johanna's work which gave me the idea of adding a photo to my last piece for Juliette.
    Thanks Johanna.

  2. Yes Mandy, I too got inspired by Johanna and Maya just stitching pics onto fabric. I used to read about all the special papers, using freezer paper (which I blame for jamming my last printer), etc.etc and beating myself up because I can't buy all that stuff out here when they showed me how simple it can be if you just TRY something! Thanks girls! That's the kind of stuff I love about a group like this one.

  3. I'm really glad you like the page. No, the fabric on the back of the page is how I bought it, about 6 years ago now I think. Unfortunately that was the last of it.


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