Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hi everyone!

According to what everyone has posted, it appears that most pages for January have been sent out. There are a couple that have been sent but not yet received - the page Cobi made for Elizabeth and the page that Carmen made for Chris. Chris was going to be out of town so she might not be back yet. I don't remember the exact dates that she was out of town.

It looks like Carmen and Gayle may not have received their page yet. Is that right, ladies? I am trying to keep track and make sure that all the pages are received. So if you are behind or have sent your page, do post so I know what's happening in regards to the different pages. Thanks!

I also sent an e-mail out to everyone with Johoanna's new address. Please make sure that you received the e-mail and that you change her address in your records. We don't want any of Johoanna's pages to get lost! If you didn't receive the e-mail, please let me know and I'll send it to you again.

If you made and sent a page and you know it was received, but it hasn't been posted yet, please feel free to post a photo and how you made it. It is always such a good learning process to hear about how the different pages were made. Hope everyone is having fun!


  1. Hi Ruth!
    Cobi put her page in the mail t me awhle ago but considering the incredible volume of snow that we have had recently with more due tonight, it may be awhile before it gets here!!! I am sure that it will arrive as soon as delivery catches up with the disruptions form thses storms!!!
    I would really love it if all could post someting about techniques and process when the finished pages are shown. In the past, in other swaps, I haVE NOTICED THAT IT IS THIS POINT AT WHICH EVERYONE LEARNS SO MUCH FROM PARTICIPATING IN A SWAP LIKE THIS.
    I guess that we should post questions about process tot he Stitching Fingers book Page Swap page??? With a yahoo group asking the questions and answering would be easy. Witht he blog format it might be a bit more work to go to the other page but WELL worth it!!!
    I for one, am very very ready for Spring!!

  2. Elizabeth,
    I agree. I think that we should all post about techniques and process. I hope everyone will follow through with this idea. I had hoped we could just do it all on the blog, we'll see.

  3. I figured it was something like that. I know snow delays everything big time. I got a little impatient and showed the page on my blog. and my techniques for this page were quite traditional. I will gladly tell about what I've done once you have your page Elisabeth.

  4. I am going to stay away from your blog Cobi as I love surprises!!!! It will be interesting to see just how long it takes to get here!! it just started snowing here again, an hour ago. Theya re expecting 10-20 more inches on top of the 24 that we got on Saturday!!!
    I am going a bit stir crazy- I want my routine back!!!!


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