Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Peak of Ann's February Fairytale Page

Here is a peak of Ann's page for February. I am going out of town tomorrow (if I can fly into Richmond, VA between storms) and finished my page for Ann several weeks ago. I was quite surprised to see Johoanna's page was based on Rapunzel because mine is too! I did send an e-mail to Ann and Johoanna about our pages being based on the same fairytale. Luckily, neither of them minded about that. My page doesn't resemble Johoanna's so it will just be a different take on the same tale. Ann - I had hoped to get this mailed off to you today but couldn't get to the post office. I will mail it to you when I get back on February 17th.


  1. Dear Ruth,
    take your time. The Month is not yet at the end.
    ...but after I have seen this photo I am very nosy - time will get long ;-)
    I am very happy that I can take part on this book page swap.

  2. Ruth, I can't believe that oua re flying into Richmond tomorrow!! it just started snowing here about an hour ago 6pm EST.. Good luck, be safe and perhaps on your next trip East we could make plans to meet for lunch!! STafford is only aobut an hour North of Richmond!! Safe travels!!!

  3. Elizabeth - I'd love to get together. My sister lives in Richmond and I come once a year to go with her to Philadelphia. We got in just fine and had no trouble driving to Philly either. I'll be back next February!


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