Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jan page and sneak peek of February

Here's a peek of Castles - the page I'm creating in february for Carmen.
The page I made for Juliette in January- The Seashore. I've depicted the ancient Shore temple at Mamallapuram. In the foreground are two catamarans made of wooden logs and a modern fiber glass fishing boat.The ancient coexists with the modern.
The reverse of The Seashore page. A pocket on the reverse holds a magazine article about the rock sculpture and the shore temple of Mamallapuram.


  1. Your seashore page is simply glorious. the old and the new and the story of the place - you are giving an amazing gift of a cultural package. pure delight and beautifully crafted!!!! Can't wait for you to work on a page for me!!! Hugs!

  2. Elizabeth I'll certainly try to delight you with the page I make for you.Windows makes for interesting interpretation, looking forward to it

  3. I just love the amount you have managed to get on a relatively small page.

  4. Beautiful representation of the seashore.


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